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One year ago our dear friend Barbie had a lovely idea.She suggested a pin to wear on our clothes as a symbol that we are not alone(as Shobey has said).The pin has got a moon and  star because all of us ,no matter where on earth we live, can look at the same moon and stars.Isnīt it the sweetest idea? She sent me mine and I like to wear it and to think I am not alone.Every time I wear it I think about all of you and I send you tons of Fertile Thoughts.

Now, I have thought Iīd like to have a homepage with  photos of all of you wearing the pin.If you think itīs a good idea, either send me pics attached to an email at
or send them to me snailmail and I'll scan them and get them up!
Email me for my address

(most of the photo developing places will put your photos on the Web for you to download to your computer (or put them on a floppy) at the same time you get your film developed for about $5.)

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